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Banner Materials

We have selected the finest technical fabrics for use with your Cafe Barrier system. Designed to cope with the rigours of the British climate, constant footfall and regular movement, they all offer excellent resistance to micro-organisms, pollutants and general wear and tear. All our materials have been tried and tested in the marketplace for over a decade and will give many years faithful service with the minimum of maintenance.

We offer options to suit any environments and all our fabrics can be branded to your specification, either single or double-sided. All materials (save the Marine Canvas) are Fire Retardant as standard, with the Marine Canvas available as FR in primary colours, and they are all specifically designed for use in public locations. Fire Certificates can be downloaded from the relevant material page along with technical specifications.

Each fabric has specific benefits over another, with the Marine Canvas as our premium offering carrying up to a 10 Year Limited Warranty from the manufacturers (colour dependent - some colours carry a 5 year Warranty) Please visit the links below for further information, specifications and Fire Certs. We also offer a material sample pack with printed A2 Swatches to illustrate the quality and print reproduction each material offers. Simply call us or email your postal address for a pack to be dispatched 1st class. We are confident no other supplier offers such high quality materials and finishing that Strada supply their Clients with.

Whilst the selection of quality materials is paramount, equally important is the finish. Strada excel here, using a combination of High Frequency welding to hem and pocket the Ferrari Materials, where the fabric is molecularly bound to give a bond stronger than the material itself. The Marine and digital Canvas are industrially double stitched rather than HF welded as the material does not lend itself to this process, but the use of Sail Yarn used on racing Yachts, which wil not degrade with UV or mildew, is equally as strong. All materials are edge bound with Marine binding again industrially double stitched and our head Seamstress previously stitched for Aston Martin, you are thus assured a premium finish regardless of your choice in fabric. With a belts & braces approach, we reinforce the pocket corners with a cross hatch stitch to ensure the weakest point of your banner is as rugged as the rest of the fabric.

Liquid lamination of the printed banners gives even further protection against wear and abrasion, whilst allowing easy wipe down cleaning keeping your banners looking crisp and fresh.