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Manufactured in the UK from structural grade British steel, our stanchions are protected from corrosion with a Zinctec passivate base layer, a patented Du Pont® outer coating and are held in stock finishes of polished chrome, mirror gold or brass, gloss or matt black, anthracite or RAL colour matched to order.

Choose from a selection of round or square moveable bases in three weight classes - interior, exterior and extra heavyweight. We also stock a semi-removable surface mount, again with a choice of round or square base plates and a ground socket option.

Posts are of all metal construction with welded, laser cut flanges in 5mm steel, and are affixed to bases by either TiG weld or two M10 Bolts dependent upon stanchion style. Our stock height meets current DDA & UK Council specification, yet as manufacturers, we can fabricate bespoke height posts up to 2.5m. Conversely we can offer shorter posts than our stock 1m high stanchion or fabricate to match the height of competitor systems. Please inquire for further information or visit the links below.

N.B. Beware grey imports utilising sub-standard steel, pressed or non-welded flanges and single fixing points between post and base which invariably wear resulting in a leaning, unusable post. Floating lower flanges will always ruck up at an angle, scratching your post and looking unsightly, so these should be avoided as well. Our posts are of solid, quality construction designed to withstand the UK climate and the wear and tear that all street furniture is subjected to. Buy British - Buy once.

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